High End electric motor manufacture

To build an electric motor very efficiently…

we combine state-of-the-art technology with specialist handwork. Thus enables us to achieve efficiency levels which clearly set our motors apart from others. This is “high end electric motor manufacture”.

As an extremely specialist provider of drive units, the development and production of high end direct current motors and controllers has been our passion for almost 40 years. 
Our daily mission is to achieve the maximum power output and efficiency from the limited energy which is available, combined with the challenge of realising this in the smallest possible space with the lowest possible weight.


In an innovative and extremely quality-conscious way, we use a combination of modern production methods and a high degree of handwork to produce drives and controls of the highest quality and value – perfectly tailored to the requirements of our customers.


Expert handwork in the right place provides for the efficiency which is characteristic of our drives.


Wherever a direct current drive with a high efficiency is required, we are the right partner.


With regard to the power density, size, weight and load limits – we push the boundaries of physics.


Particularly target-oriented because we are used to developing and producing drivers and controllers from A to Z.