Industrial production with handwork

Plettenberg is a family company which is a history stretching back to 1935. Uwe and Gerhard Plettenberg started to develop the first motor in 1979. In 1981, Uwe Plettenberg became world champion in the model racing boat category F1 E - 1 kg and thus laid the foundations for today’s company.

Uwe Plettenberg found the important factors which make a motor easy and efficient. In spite of all the technical developments, these factors are still the same today and have a decisive influence on the manner in which we develop and produce our products.

The secret lies in the knowledge that there are certain tasks in the production of a direct current motor which no machine does as well as a well-trained specialist. We are characterised by individualistic thinking and a passion for perfect drives, combined with precise handwork, and this is the secret of our products and their efficiency.