We specialise in application-specific and application-optimised motor concepts and are known for our innovative, high end quality, customer-optimised drives - made in Germany. From adapted standard motors to customised special solutions, we offer a wide range of products for all conceivable drives with a nominal voltage of up to 400 V. With efficiency levels of up to 95 % and power-to-weight ratios of up to 26 kW/kg, specific challenges are implemented with expertise, experience and dedication.

Small, light, extremely efficient and of the highest quality, our components satisfy the requirements of a number of sectors. We develop and produce motors for a wide variety of industrial applications. Our motors are used in medical and defence technology, in transportable machine tools, starter generators, pumps, drones, robots and instruments, in electromobility, motor sports and plant construction. These are just a few examples for the broad range of drives. Talk to us, and we will develop your motor and controller concept too.

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