With enthusiasm: simply efficient.

In order to development the best possible drive with the maximum efficiency, we consider all the factors which have an influence on the quality and the efficiency level of the drive – a comprehensive view which we also practise in our company: we consider efficiency to be synonymous with social, environmental and economic responsibility, as this is the only way for efficiency to have a high quality.

We built our building 20 years ago as a low-energy building and have now equipped it with energy-efficient LED lighting from the office to production. With the help of heat recovery and the use of process water and rainwater, we have made our structure not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly. We also have a fleet of e-vehicles and hybrid vehicles and our own charging columns on the factor premises. In all aspects of our value creation, we are constantly looking for ways of conserving resources and saving energy – from the use of green electricity in production to the delivery of drive systems in loaned packaging.

The requirements of the current Eco-Audit have been our philosophy for a long time. For us, this is also a question of safeguarding the site. With our high real net output ratio, in which moments of handwork at the crucial point play a role now and in the future, skilled employees are decisive for our success. This is why we invest in the further training and health of our staff. In addition to regular health days and weekly back training, we also offer support when people’s shoes are pinching in private. 

As well as a perfect location in the heart of Germany, our site in Baunatal offers a high quality of life and is known for metal processing, the automotive industry and efficient drives.

We are happy to take responsibility - for our employees, our environment and your project!